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FHA 203K & HomePath Renovation Loans – Where Can I Find an Approved Contractor List?

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HomePath Renovation Loan

HomePath Renovation Approved Contractor?

203K Loan & HomePath Approved Contractors?

Excellent question, one that I get from potential home-buyers all the time. The answer? You can’t, no such list exists!

While some individual lenders may keep records of their “approved” contractors, HUD nor Fannie Mae have a master list of RENOVATION certified general contractors. Why?

Why no master list exists is simple, referring contractors is a liability for HUD or Fannie Mae. Homeowner’s need to take contractor selection upon themselves. Do their own research and put careful thought into the selection. One of the best places to find a good contractor is Angie’s List or visit the 203K Contractor directory at

Most FHA 203K & HomePath Renovation lenders have a contractor validation / acceptance process where they check for proper licensing, insurance and references to ensure the contractor won’t have issue pulling permits and does quality work.

Some lenders even go as far as pulling the contractor’s credit to ensure he is up-to-date on his credit lines and doesn’t have any judgments, foreclosures or liens.

Just because no master list of FHA 203K or HomePath Renovation contractors exists does not mean contractor selection is not important, it is VITAL to a successful renovation. Choose wisely!

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